The Call of The Wild is Here! The Cranes are Flying!

An unseasonable warm day as I was out doing my horse chores I could hear “the call of the wild” a deep, rolling trumpet and rattling that can be heard for several miles, could it be? YES! The Sandhill cranes are migrating! There were approximately 70 cranes in the first flock around 11:00 AM and about 100 cranes in the second flock about noon flying much higher and definitely not as organized. Maybe not migration just yet but the local group moving in search of food…wonderful to hear them and see them again!

The Season of Cranes Flying North is Soon to Begin

The Sandhill Cranes typically start making their way from the south to the north in early March through April depending on the weather of course and making an overnight stop at Fruitgrowers Reservoir also known as Harts Basin, east of the town of Eckert Colorado. The Sandhill Cranes will stay the night, catch a bite to eat and rest the bodies that most likely just flew in from Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge. Petroglyphs show the Sandhill Cranes have been flying this migration route for several thousand years.

The weather is going to need to warm up a bit for the cranes to enjoy a meal at Fruitgrowers Reservoir as it is still almost completely frozen over with just a few visitors.

So, we traveled on down the road and what a treat we had at Confluence Park, in Delta!

A male and female Common Merganser, actually there were several pairs of Mergansers.

An abundance of Canadian Geese


And a large flock (over 100) of Common Goldeneyes

Confluence Park is a fantastic 265 acre park within the city limits of Delta Colorado. There is a 60 acre lake that today was loaded with a variety of birds such as Canadian Geese, Common Mergansers, American Coot (also known in my family as the “cute Coot”) Snow Geese and a few domestic geese.
The 20 acre lake is also stocked with trout. So bring your pole and your
binoculars and enjoy this great park and the 5 miles of walking paths that
allow opportunities to view wildlife in natural habitats and the bird
sanctuary between the river and the lake. You can even bring your horse,
as there is a horse trail!
Other features include:
picnic sites, public restrooms, fire pits, bicycle trails, the lake allows non-motorized boating as well as handicap accessible.
Delta, you know how to build a park!