Several Thousand Sandhill Cranes are on Their Way North

The warm weather in early March has allowed several thousand cranes to pass through the Grand Junction area since the first of March. Around 1500 have “stopped over” at Harts Basin and several hundred have stopped over in the fields near Mack Mesa.  Next stop for many of these cranes is Ouray National Wildlife Refuge, near Vernal, Utah. There are many more to come, let’s hope they give us a chance to show our hospitality. 🙂  The weather turned uncooperative for migrating cranes and for that matter all migrating birds on March 18  but on this gorgeous Friday the weather is perfect…let’s hope!

Great book on migration: Living on the Wind, Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds by Scott Weidensaul.

If you love our Regal Eagle, this proud mom and pop are about to have eaglets in Decorah Iowa. You can view them here. Hatching will be any time!

The only excitement at Harts Basin was this beautiful mink and the incredible weather of course, not to many times have I been to Harts Basin when there was no wind! At this point, surprisingly very few birds compared to past years.