Sandhill Crane Migration is Never Long Enough

Anyone who has ever witnessed the migration of the Sandhill cranes feels the magic of this incredible bird that has been migrating a similar route for thousands of years. To watch the cranes literally drop from the sky and then to see the lift off in the morning is incredibly beautiful and inspiring. Lucky for the western slope we have had a few thousand that like our gentle winters and have decided to stay for the past few years giving us a little more time to watch these incredible birds. The migrating cranes have several great places to spread their wings for the night this spring, Fruit Growers Reservoir, the Escalante State Wildlife Area and fields near Highline Lake State Park.  Thousands could be seen landing for the night and then taking off in the morning to continue their trip north.  Indeed a very special thing to witness. Fruitgrowers Reservoir water continues to rise thank goodness as the farmers will be happy to have the water on this drought predicted year.  A hundred cranes and a variety of other migrating birds including Snow Geese, American White Pelicans,  Long Billed Curlew, Marbled Godwit, Eared Grebe, Western Grebe,  Avocets and flocks and flocks of gulls were present this past Sunday. A bit windy but a gorgeous day indeed!


Franklins GullAmerican White Pelican

Cranes and GullsAvocets


Eared GrebeWestern GrebeGulls IMG_4263Quickly snapped this flock of Ibis out the window near the Escalante State Wildlife Area.

Yellow Headed BlackbirdsThere were at least 100 Yellow Headed Blackbirds hanging out in this big old Cotton Wood tree near the Escalante State Wildlife Area.